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Please, read these rules!


1) If someone posts icons and requests credit, give them CREDIT! Usually this is accomplished by putting the creator's username in the comment field when you're editing icon keywords.
2) Let's keep the icons relatively tame and "family-friendly"; there's enough rude and offensive LJ icons out there already. That'd mean no crude language, etc.
3) If you like an icon, comment and say so! Even if you don't intend on using it but just want to say that it looks nifty, speak up! Iconartists love that. :)
4) Icons MUST be of parrots! They can include other animals, people, etc. but MUST have a parrot in it! After all, this is parrot_icons.
5) Do not take credit for other peoples' icons. That's just rude. (Original photographic credit remains with the original photographers and we're just doing this for fun; all rights reserved and all that jazz.)
6) If you would like to ask one of the resident iconartist to make an icon specificly for you of your own birds, ask politely if they'd be up for it. They just might be. :) Be prepared to supply photographs of your birds, the higher quality the better. We can do nifty things with Photoshop and the like, but if the quality of the original is low, there's only so much that can be done to fix it up.
7) When submitting icons, remember to keep them within LJ's limits; no larger than 100x100 pixels and no larger than 40k in filesize.
8) If something isn't clear, ask a maintainer to explain.
9) Put icons behind the cut so you won't stretch out people's friends page